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When you need an Intellectual Property Lawyer -- you need Barbara E. Johnson's synergy of ingenuity and pragmatism. Are you looking for an intellectual property attorney? You have found her--Barbara E. Johnson, Esq. of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania can handle any intellectual property matter including patents, trademarks, and copyrights in the following technological areas: biotechnology (including genetic engineering); chemical (including polymers and resins); pharmaceutical; mechanical including biomedical; and electromechanical. Biotech Crossing has showcased Ms. Johnson as a "Biotech Star"--call today and you will learn why.

Protect Your Intellectual Property

Patents Prosecuted by Ms. Johnson

Intellectual Property (IP) is a law specialty of global scope and reach, and Barbara E. Johnson, Esq. currently represents clients in multiple continents as well as in her home town of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Selected patents prosecuted by Ms. Johnson (and their owners) include:

  • 10,882,161, Floating jaw assembly for use with machinist vises

  • 10,881,055, Nutritionally and botanically enhanced mycelial mass

  • 10,657,494, Authorship technologies

  • 10,614,909, Quantum mechanical/X-ray crystallography diagnostic for proteins

  • 10,609,873, Enhanced mycelium growth medium and method

  • 10,258,377, Point and click alignment method for orthopedic surgeons, and surgical and clinical accessories and devices

  • 10,251,683, Intramedullary nail

  • 9,980,759, Intramedullary nail and nail combinations

  • 9,974,326, Scoopable instant protein bone- or meat-based protein supplement powder

  • 9,869,684, Accurate measurement of glutathione for disease diagnosis and drug metabolite screening

  • 9,578,201, Method of detecting steganographically hidden images via low-order bit comparisons

  • 9,530,049, Kinetic-based tool for biometric identification, verification, validation and profiling

  • 9,519,776, Computer security system and method

  • 9,370,526, Combination hormone replacement therapy (HRT) and melatonin to prevent and treat mammary cancer

  • 9,301,563, Pressure sensing glove

  • 9,271,775, Small joint fusion implant

  • 9,072,753, Gargle method to reduce the duration of common cold symptoms

  • 8,894,973, Method and system for differential diagnosis of chronic schizophrenia and chronic alcoholism

  • 8,847,016, Rice promoters

  • 8,628,582, Subtalar Implant and Methods of Use Thereof

  • 8,588,899, Model-Based Control of Parkinson's Disease

  • 8,383,420, Solid Phase and Catalyzed Enabled Automated Isotope Dilution and Speciated Isotope Dilution Mass Spectrometry

  • 7,731,097, Liquid Conservation Device

  • 7,662,793, Inhibition of Human Squamous Cell Carcinoma Growth In Vivo by Epidermal Growth Factor Receptor Antisense RNA Transcribed from a Pol III Promoter

  • 7,621,096, Construction Blocking Bracket

Ms. Johnson Puts Your Best Interests First

Whatever your technology or need for intellectual property assistance, Ms. Johnson will draw on her ingenuity and experience to step seamlessly into your team and will provide Intellectual Property solutions that will make you smile.

She puts your wants, needs, and goals at the forefront of her focus to give you the best representation possible in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and beyond. Contact her office today to schedule a completely confidential consultation.

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